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Our care and support policies

We know people with MS often need a wide variety of help with many essential activities of everyday living so they can stay independent.

Family members and friends who care for someone with MS also need practical and financial support in their caring role.

So it's vital our government provides a social care system, with adequate funding for preventative care, to support our community.

We need health and care services to deliver co-ordinated, person-centred care and support to people with MS and their carers.

Care and support

We know that too many people with MS are not getting the support they need. One third (33%) of My MS My Needs respondents in 2016 did not receive any or enough support.

The quality and availability of local authority-funded social care is being affected by significant underfunding of local government. Access to both private and publicly-funded care and support services varies widely across the country.

This policy position looks at how to improve access to responsive care and support in England, and recommendations for the government.

Download our care and support policy position

Social care funding 

People with MS and their carers must be able to access the support they need, whether they fund their own care or are local-authority funded.

This policy position sets out the principles we believe must underpin the social care funding system in England.

Download our social care funding policy position

We last updated this page on 16-03-2022