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Virtual support events

Welcome to our virtual support events page. Join our sessions to learn about topics related to MS, connect with others and share your experiences.

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Information webinars

Our webinars offer a safe, fact-based space. You can attend anonymously and get information and support on topics linked to MS and wellbeing. 

Our webinars happen monthly and are hosted by one of the Living Well team. The team will also be joined by external and internal speakers who are experts in their topic.   
Recordings of the session only show the host and speakers. And these are sent to people who register or ask for the recording at a later date.

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Conversation café 

A monthly series of one-off sessions exploring a different topic each month. The topics are linked to the monthly webinar theme but focus on smaller group sessions. It’s a chance to chat, share and reflect and meet others with MS from around the UK.

These are hosted by the Living Well team. And each session is joined by one of our volunteers who has lived experience of MS to get the conversation started. The format of the café makes sure everyone has a chance to share their thoughts.

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Wellbeing courses

The courses run over two or more weekly sessions. In each session, you’ll join our Living Well team to share your experiences, learn new skills and connect with others living with MS. Topics covered so far include 'changing symptoms', 'what next? and progressive types of MS. 

The materials for the course have been co-produced by people affected by MS. In every session, we’ll also be joined by one of our volunteers with lived experience of MS. We invite MS nurses and other guest speakers to the sessions when needed.

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Wellbeing skills sessions

These sessions give you new skills for managing your MS and wellbeing. The ‘bite-sized’ sessions are delivered by a member of the Living Well team and one of our volunteers. 

The skills sessions will introduce you to wellbeing ‘tools’. You’ll learn how to use them for a better understanding of your MS. And you’ll learn how they can support your overall mental and physical health.

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Family and friends sessions

Our friends and family sessions help you learn more about MS, supporting people with MS and looking after your wellbeing. These group sessions are friendly and supportive. They also give the space for friends and family to ask questions about MS, and to share their experiences. 

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How do I join?

All our activities are free and open to anyone living with or affected by MS in the UK. We use a video meeting software called Zoom. All you need to get involved is a laptop, phone or computer with access to a stable internet connection. You can download zoom for free.

If you’re unsure what is right for you or have a general question, please contact the team at [email protected].