Questions about MS? Call us on 0808 800 8000
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MS support in Scotland

We can help you find practical and emotional support for living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Scotland.

MS peer support service

Although MS is different for everyone, there are common experiences. So it can help to speak to someone who has faced similar challenges. We're here to help. We offer free peer support with a trained volunteer who also has MS. The volunteer can bring a fresh perspective to your challenges, by offering support based on their own experiences.  

We offer an entirely confidential service. It's open to anyone in Scotland with MS. Currently we offer up to six sessions over a two month period. Sessions are online or over the phone. 

Sharing experiences can make all the difference. You're matched with your volunteer based on what you have in common and what you want to talk about. Examples of the MS issues that people bring to peer support include:

  • impact on work 
  • pain management 
  • exercise
  • taking to someone outside of family and friends about MS 

Email us at [email protected] to find our more about our MS peer support service.

Read Lindsay and Isla's blog about the peer support service

Emotional health courses

We've co-designed a stress and anxiety course which will be piloted in Scotland. It's for anyone living with MS who wants to learn more about the tools and techniques you can use to manage stress and anxiety with MS.

Following funding from Scottish Government Neurological Framework funds we'll be co-producing another emotional health course late 2023 and piloting it 2024. We'll be working with a number of partners including, The Oxygen Works, Myself Management and Leuchie House.

These courses are currently in development. You can get more information by contacting [email protected]

Online LivingWell events

Our LivingWell virtual events provide peer support group sessions, information webinars and conversation café groups each month.

MS Helpline

Our national MS Helpline provides emotional support, information and offers a benefits advice service, legal advice and a befriending scheme.

We work with The Legal Service Agency (LSA), to provide free legal advice for anyone with MS living in Scotland. We can provide legal advice on:

  • housing
  • power of attorney
  • employment
  • disability discrimination
  • community care

We can’t offer advice about other areas of law, like criminal or family law.

The MS Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am - 7pm except 

Local groups

Our local groups are run by volunteers and provide a range of support and activities for everyone affected by MS in Scotland.

Find your local MS Society group

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