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Wales virtual services and support

Sign up to virtual social events, exercise sessions and counselling.

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Virtual social activities/Gweithgareddau cymdeithasol rhithiol

Virtual after work social

Free virtual exercise sessions/Sesiynau Rhithiol Ymarfer Corff Am Ddim

Free counselling/Cwnsela am ddim

Virtual social activities


Bingo at 4:30pm


Choir at 5.00pm

Men's Shed at 7.00pm (second Tuesday of every month)

After Work Social at 6.30pm (third Tuesday of every month)             


Women's Shed at 6.30pm (last Wednesday of every month)


Knit and Natter at 2pm


Quiz at 12.00pm

To sign up to any of these activities, email [email protected].

Gweithgareddau cymdeithasol rhithiol

Dydd Llun 

Bingo am 4:30pm

Dydd Mawrth 

Côr am 5.00pm

Men's Shed am 7.00pm (Ail ddydd Mawrth bob mis)

Digwyddiad Cymdeithasol ar ôl Gwaith am 6.30pm (trydydd dydd Mawrth bob mis)

Dydd Mercher

Women’s Shed am 6.30pm (dydd Mercher olaf bob mis)

Dydd Iau

Ar y Gweill am 2pm

Dydd Gwener

Cwis am 12.00pm

Yn gyffredinol bydd y sesiynau yn cael ei rhedeg drwy gyfrwng y Saesneg

ebost: [email protected]

Virtual after work social

Fancy meeting other people who have MS and work? Make yourself a cuppa and join us on zoom to relax, chat, share hints/ tips and discuss what's important to you.

We meet every month on the third Tuesday at 6.30 pm. Email Leila for zoom link.

To sign up to the virtual after work social, email [email protected].

Ydych chi'n ffansi cwrdd â phobl eraill sydd ag MS ac sy'n gweithio? Gwnewch baned i chi'ch hun ac ymunwch â ni ar zoom i ymlacio, sgwrsio, rhannu awgrymiadau a thrafod beth sy'n bwysig i chi. Rydym yn cyfarfod bob mis ar y  trydydd Dydd Mawrth am 6.30 yn. Ebostiwch Leila am linc Zoom.

ebost: [email protected].

Free virtual exercise sessions


Seated yoga -11am and 2pm

Seated exercise - 11am


Seated yoga - 9.30am

Strength, Stretch, Relaxation -11.30am


Seated Tai Chi - 11am


Seated Pilates - 11am

Strength, Stretch, Relaxation - 11.30am

Physio led exercise - 11.15am

To sign up to our free virtual exercise sessions, email [email protected]

Sesiynau Rhithiol Ymarfer Corff Am Ddim

Dydd Llun

Loga ar eich eistedd -11am a 2pm

Ymarfer corff ar eich eistedd - 11am

Dydd Mawrth

Ioga ar eich eistedd -9.30am

Cryfder, Ymestyn, Ymlacio - 11.30am

Dydd Mercher

Tai Chi ar eich Eistedd - 11am

Dydd Iau

Pilates ar eich eistedd - 11am

Cryfder, Ymestyn, Ymlacio - 11.30am

Ymarfer corff dan arweiniad ffisiotherapydd - 11.15am

Yn gyffredinol bydd y sesiynau yn cael ei rhedeg drwy gyfrwng y Saesneg.

ebost: [email protected]

Free counselling

The service will provide 6 free sessions of 1:1 telephone or online counselling to anyone living with MS and their families in Wales.

To sign up to free counselling, email [email protected].

Cwnsela am ddim

Bydd y gwasanaeth yn darparu 6 sesiwn cwnsela 1:1 am ddim dros y ffôn neu ar-lein i unrhyw un sy’n byw efo MS a’u teuluoedd yng Nghymru.

Cysylltwch i cofrestru: [email protected]