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Latest research

MS research has never been more exciting.

The momentum is building and we won't give up until we've stopped MS for good. Find out about the discoveries being made by our researchers.

New path to myelin repair

Our researchers at the MS Society Edinburgh Centre for MS Research have uncovered a switch in the brain and spinal cord that can promote myelin repair. Dr Veronique Miron explains how this discovery could lead to new MS treatments.
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Read about the latest research breakthroughs or take a look behind the headlines with our research blogs.

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How are treatments developed?

It takes time to go from a scientific idea to a new treatment. Find out about the steps involved and why they are important.
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What is good research?

Not all research is equal. If you've been reading about MS research, but aren't sure if you can trust it, find what good research looks like.
What good research involves
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Emerging research

MS research has never been more exciting.
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Explore treatments in trials

We're really close to finding new MS treatments.
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