Photo shows two women researchers and a male researcher smiling at the camera in a lab at the Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair.

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In today’s money, we've invested over £218 million in research since 1956.

We fund a broad range of projects to understand MS and help us improve diagnosis, treatments and services. And with your help we’re making groundbreaking discoveries.

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Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair

Meet Professor Robin Franklin, Director of the MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair. He explains what happens to myelin in MS and why he is so dedicated to looking at this area of research to help stop MS. Go to the audio described version of this video.
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Photo: Researcher in lab with microscope

The impact of our research

Since 1956, you’ve helped us invest over £218 million (in today’s money) in MS research, supporting some fantastic breakthroughs. Read about the groundbreaking projects we're funding, and the milestones we've achieved along the way.
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Photo: Researcher working in the lab and smiling at the camera

Our research priorities

We've worked with people with MS, families and health care professionals to find the top 10 MS research questions. Our approach to funding new research is simple - can it help us answer the questions that matter most to people with MS?
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Emerging research and treatments

There's never been a more exciting time in MS research. Find out about the areas of research that have the potential to transform life for people with MS, including myelin repair, neuroprotection, stem cells.
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Research Matters magazine

Read Research Matters to stay up to date with the most exciting research, including achievements that mean real changes for people with MS. Meet the researchers committed to stopping MS and hear from people taking part in research.
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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

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