How we are run

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People with MS inform our work at every stage.

Volunteers, members and people with MS have a say in everything we do.

We are led by trustees and national councils in each UK nation. Staff, volunteers and over 270 local groups across the UK provide information, support and services to people affected by MS.


We are led by an elected board of volunteer trustees, most of whom either have MS or a strong personal connection with MS.



Our paid staff provide support, information and services to people affected by MS, work with healthcare professionals and raise funds in four national offices and communities across the UK.

National councils

The board also delegates some powers to national councils in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, to help maintain strong links between the Board and the wider MS community in each nation.

Local groups

270 local groups provides support and information to people affected by MS, and raise vital funds.




Our Society is made up of approximately 30,000 members, who are able to vote at our annual general meeting.


Around 5,500 volunteers support people affected by MS in communities around the UK. Most are directly affected by MS themselves.

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