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Statement of commitment

We are committed to making our website and related media accessible by all users. This website is one of the main ways that people find out about MS and the MS Society so we want to ensure that everyone can use it.

It is part of our strategy to "ensure that information is accessible to all people affected by MS."


We try to uphold the principles and best practice of the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines and wherever possible comply with AAA specifications.

We want to make sure people with MS find our site accessible and usable in practice. People with MS are involved at all development stages to ensure that this is the case.


Our accessibility policy incorporates the latest website guidance, taking into account the specific needs of people with MS and their friends and families. We've placed great emphasis on testing with people to ensure a better experience for all users and all technologies.

Accessibility training is compulsory for everyone who uploads content to the MS Society website. We will ensure all web editors understand our legal, moral and practical responsibilities towards users with disabilities.

Key accessibility and usability features:

  • Clear and consistent design to aid usability

  • Multiple methods of navigation including sitemap, breadcrumb trail and search facility

  • Large buttons, easily identifiable links and form fields

  • Easy to read font size and colour contrast

  • Option to change the colour scheme and contrast

  • Option to view pages as text only and low graphics

  • Uses clear and simple language

  • Keyboard accessible navigation. All functionality can be controlled through a keyboard interface. Skip from link to link using the TAB key. The active link will be highlighted. To move backwards, hold down SHIFT and press the TAB key. Please ENTER to go to the active link.

  • Glossary tool to aid readability without taking users away from the page

  • Alternative options to provide information including video and downloadable documents

  • We use PDFs on our site to display digital documents that retain the original format of the publication. You need a PDF reader to view them. If you haven't got a reader on your computer you can download a free one from the internet, for example Adobe Reader

  • Provide meaningful alt text for all images. If the image is merely decorative, the alt text will either be excluded or contain the shortest possible description.

Internet accessibility and usability

BBC My Web My Way explains the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible to you.

General help with the internet

Contact us

If you having problems accessing information on the site, have comments or suggestions or would like to get involved with testing, please contact us:

020 8438 0732

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