Our mental health policies

The uncertainty and unpredictability of MS can affect people's mood and wellbeing. We want to see better mental health support options for all people with MS and their loved ones.

Joint policy position on MS and mental health

We know the unpredictability and uncertainty of MS can sometimes affect people’s mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we’ve joined forces with five other MS organisations to better understand the mental health experiences of people living with MS.  

This joint policy position was produced in 2023 by six charities that support the MS community: MS Society, MS Trust, Overcoming MS, MS-UK, Shift.MS and Neuro Therapy Network.

We wanted to understand how having MS can affect people’s mental health, and how people’s mental health can affect their MS symptoms. We also wanted to understand what needs to change so everyone can access mental health support when they need it.

This joint policy position summarises what people with MS told us about their wellbeing and mental health. It also lists our policy recommendations for change. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • We need a NHS neurological conditions mental health pathway, to give people with MS access to appropriate mental health support.
  • A new mental health training package should be developed for the neurology workforce. This should cover how to compassionately diagnose people with MS, identify people’s mental health needs and signpost people to relevant support.
  • People with MS, and their carers, should be offered an annual comprehensive review that covers all of their needs, including mental health and cognitive needs.

Read our joint policy position on MS and mental health to find out more.