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Accessibility and quality of information

We offer a wide range of information that everyone living with MS can rely on.

We want to help you:

  • live life to the fullest
  • work with your care professionals to make informed decisions about your health

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How to access our information

We want to make our information accessible to everyone. It’s free of charge on our website and in print.

You can download or order booklets. And our resources are also available at our events, through our local groups and at Information Points in places like hospitals.

For more information about any of the following, call us on 020 8438 0999 or email [email protected]

  • information in a range of languages
  • booklets in large print
  • a list of references used for any of our information resources
  • ordering booklets in bulk (more than two of any particular printed item)

How we make sure our information is good quality

We work with people affected by MS and other experts to make sure our information covers what readers want, and is clear and accurate.

Email us to get involved in reviewing our information.

We also consider the latest published evidence to ensure the information is up to date.


We've made every effort to ensure that the information we produce is correct. We don't accept liability for any errors or omissions, and policy and practice may change. Seek advice from the sources listed.

Find the sources we use

Our information reflects available published research. You can email us to find out about the research papers we’ve used for a particular piece of information or give us a ring on 020 8438 0999.

Get involved in the information we produce

Do you have ideas about our information or the information you want us to provide? You don’t need to be an expert in health care, or a scientist (though we don’t mind if you are!) – we want your thoughts and opinions.

> Send us your feedback or ideas.

We're always looking for volunteer reviewers for our information to help us plan and create new information, and improve the information already available.

We want to represent as many different experiences as possible. If you think you’d like to share your opinions with us, please get in touch and we can tell you more.

Covering the cost

Our information is available free of charge.

If you'd like to help cover the cost and further our work to stop MS, you can donate online, or call us on 0300 500 8084.