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Our work in government

We make sure that politicians across the UK understand the issues affecting people living with MS.

How we work with politicians

Policies in every nation need to reflect the needs of people with MS, so we work closely with politicians in the UK Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly to influence these policies.

We do this through:

  • One-to-one meetings with politicians and other policy makers.
  • Producing briefings on policies affecting people with MS.
  • Drafting parliamentary and Prime Minister’s questions (PQs and PMQs).
  • Working in coalition with other groups to lobby.
  • Administering and working closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for MS (in Westminster) and the Cross-Party Group for MS (in the Scottish Parliament).

Our manifesto for the 2019 UK general election

We work closely with our MS community to understand current gaps in treatment, care and support, and some of the burning issues that need acting on. We’re calling on political parties to listen to them and adopt key recommendations to:

  1. Make Personal Independence Payment (PIP) make sense
  2. Create a social care system that works for everyone
  3. Improve access to cannabis based medicines for people with MS

Download our 2019 manifesto

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Multiple Sclerosis (Westminster)

We work with a cross-party group of Parliamentarians who are committed to tackling issues that affect people with MS: the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Multiple Sclerosis (APPG). The group is made up of MPs and peers from all parties who help to make sure MS issues are high on the government’s agenda.

Simon Hoare, MP for North Dorset, is Chair of the Group and has a keen interest in the welfare and healthcare issues affecting people with MS. Lord Dubs, Lord Monks, Chris Law MP and Karen Lee MP are all Vice–Chairs of the Group.

The focus for the APPG for MS most recently has been to campaign to ensure access to ocrelizumab - the first treatment for early primary progressive MS. We'll be supporting the Group to re-form after the 2019 General Election.

Cross-Party Group for Multiple Sclerosis (Holyrood)

In October 2013 the first ever Cross-Party Group (CPG) for MS was established in the Scottish Parliament.

The CPG sets out to influence relevant legislation, raise awareness of the experiences of people with MS and ensure the voices of people affected by MS are heard by key decision-makers.

Members of the CPG include MSPs from different political parties, voluntary organisations, people affected by MS and health and social care professionals. The office bearers are:

  • Convener: George Adam MSP
  • Deputy Conveners: Donald Cameron MSP, John Finnie MSP, Liam McArthur MSP
  • Secretary: MS Society Scotland

Find out more about the CPG for MS on the Scottish Parliament website

Is your MSP involved? Ask them to join the Group if they're not a member.