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Treat me right

We're campaigning for the right treatment at the right time for people with MS, whatever your situation, wherever you live.

People with MS should have fair and equal access treatments wherever they live. But this isn’t happening. Our award winning campaign plans to change that.

We’re campaigning to make these goals a reality:

  • All licensed MS treatments available on the NHS to everyone eligible for them
  • Regular reviews of treatment and care by MS specialists for everyone with MS
  • Accessible information about treatment options, and support to be equal partners in decision-making, available to all people with MS

Treatment for progressive MS

After 21,000 of us spoke up for ocrelizumab, NICE have approved it to be available on the NHS in England for people with early primary progressive MS.

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Is access to treatment still a lottery?

Our research reveals that potentially thousands of people with relapsing forms of MS haven’t seen an MS nurse or neurologist in the last year or more.

Among this group, just 12% are taking a disease modifying therapy (DMT) which could help reduce relapses and slow progression.

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Cannabis and MS

Since the start of Treat Me Right, we've been calling for the licensed cannabis-based treatment Sativex, to be available to people with MS on the NHS. You can get Sativex if you live in Wales but not elsewhere in the UK.

Sativex is expensive and people can’t afford to pay for it privately. This urgently needs to change. A legal change in November 2018 allowed specialist doctors to prescribe other cannabis-based products, only once all other treatments have been explored. We’re calling for Government to produce a clear plan aimed at making cannabis-based medicines more widely available for people with MS. Read about our campaigning on cannabis and MS 

Read about our campaigning on cannabis and MS

Treatment for secondary progressive MS

The first oral treatment for secondary progressive MS, siponimod, has been approved by the Scottish Medicine Consortium (SMC) in Scotland

Siponimod has also been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in England and Wales. This is a huge step forward in the treatment of secondary progressive MS and the MS community played a big part in making this happen. We expect a decision to follow in Northern Ireland in the coming months.