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Approved but denied end the Sativex lottery

Approved but denied

Sativex, a cannabis based spray, was approved in England in 2019 for use in moderate to severe spasticity when other treatments haven’t worked. 

Despite this, many people with MS are still being denied access to Sativex, because their local health bodies, called Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), are not prescribing it. This has resulted in an unacceptable postcode lottery, with Sativex only funded in 49 out of 106 CCGs.

This must change - everyone with MS deserves access to effective treatments. Find out now if Sativex is available in your area and join our call for change. You can take action to ask your local CCG to start prescribing Sativex now. 

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Sativex doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does, the impact can be life changing. Our new report (PDF 2.7MB) explains this in more detail.

Across the UK


Sativex has been approved for use on the NHS in Wales since 2014. We’re currently working with Health Boards to make sure services for people with MS are available as the NHS builds back from the impact of the pandemic. If you’d like to share with us your experience of trying to access Sativex, please email [email protected]

Northern Ireland 

Sativex was approved for use in April 2021. So far, our monitoring suggests people with MS who meet the criteria are being offered the treatment after discussion with their consultant. If you're having any issues accessing Sativex, please let us know by emailing [email protected] 


While some people are already being prescribed Sativex, it's not currently recommended for use on the NHS in Scotland. We want GW, the manufacturer of Sativex, to make a submission to the Scottish Medicines Consortium. Your support will be vital in helping us to achieve our aim of Sativex being available in Scotland, if you'd like to share your story of what Sativex would mean to you, please email us at [email protected]

Join our #ApprovedButDenied campaign