Is access to treatment still a lottery?

Our My MS My Needs research has revealed that potentially thousands with relapsing forms of MS haven’t seen an MS nurse or neurologist in the last year or more.

Among this group, just 12% are taking a disease modifying therapy (DMT) which could help to reduce relapses and slow progression.

Progress with Treat me right

Our survey shows real progress in our Treat me right campaign, as many more people now take a DMT than three years ago. But we’re still concerned that a forgotten minority are being left behind.

That’s why we'll keep calling for everyone to receive a review of their treatment each year.

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Information about treatments

We also know that many people still don’t have access to the information they want, whether it's about MS or the treatments they can access.

There is support available though: you can find out more about the different treatments available and read about the importance of early treatment.

> Download our guide about speaking to your specialist.

Understanding prescribing and treatment decisions

We wanted to learn more about what drives prescribing in different parts of the UK, and what kind of messaging best supports people affected by MS to make decisions about treatments.

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