MS treatments and therapies

There are lots of different ways to manage MS. They include drug treatments, exercise, diet and other lifestyle changes.

It’s best to get advice on your multiple sclerosis treatment with a specialist, like a neurologist. An MS nurse can discuss treatment for MS generally, but only an MS specialist can advise you and prescribe treatment. The types of treatments and therapies that may be beneficial for you will depend on your type of MS and your symptoms.

Some therapies and treatments for MS treat the symptoms. For instance, you might need physiotherapy to help you improve your strength and mobility. Others, such as disease moderating therapies (DMTs) and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) manage MS itself.

There are around twenty DMTs licensed to treat relapsing and some forms of progressive MS. Taking one can mean you get fewer, and less serious, relapses. They can also slow down how fast your MS gets worse.

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Lots of people with MS find it useful to actively manage their health in other ways, like through diet, exercise or giving up smoking.