MS Awareness Week 2024

MS Awareness Week 2024 will run from 22 - 28 April. It's a chance for us to raise awareness and speak up together about the realities of life with MS.

We’re once again teaming up with our friends at MS Together, the MS Trust, MS-UK, the Neuro Therapy Network (formally MS Therapy Centres), and Overcoming MS.

Together, we'll be launching MS Unfiltered. A sensitive and intimate campaign which will shine a light on the MS topics that can feel taboo or difficult to talk about. We’ll be creating a safe space for people to talk honestly and openly about everything from bladder control and sexual dysfunction, to navigating menopause and cultural stigma.

Throughout the week we’ll be sharing people’s unfiltered stories, and support and resources for anyone affected by these topics.

Get involved

During the week we’ll be sharing the results of a community survey we did asking people all about MS symptoms which might be considered sensitive or embarrassing.

We hope MS Unfiltered will raise awareness about the huge range of symptoms and daily challenges that people with MS face. While at the same time encouraging people to speak out together and seek support.

Whatever you’re going through, we want you to know that you’re never alone. Join the conversation during MS Awareness Week on social media by using #MSUnfiltered.

Find out about even more ways to get involved in MS Awareness Week by downloading our supporter pack below. It's full of tools and resources to help you speak up and spread the word.

Download the MS Awareness Week supporter pack