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Graphic of a megaphone and placard. Text reads: Local actions for MS

Campaign in your local area

Want to bring about change in your local area?

Too many people with MS in the UK have to fight for the treatments, services, care and support they need. Sometimes it’s just a case of fighting for MS to be understood. Getting the right services and support often comes down to local decisions.

Campaigning comes in all shapes and sizes

Whatever action you take, it all makes a difference. Campaigning can be small actions like sending an email or a tweet, or a large scale campaign event like a protest or demonstration.

You might be starting out alone, or with your MS Society local group or alongside other campaigners.

We’re all taking local action together to make a difference.

Become a trained campaigner

Do you have a great idea to make change for people living with MS? We can support you to campaign and make it happen.

Being a campaigns volunteer means you can get support from us and other campaigners. And access training and support to get funding for your campaign.

Volunteer in England

Volunteer in Scotland

Volunteer in Wales

Volunteer in Northern Ireland

Tools to make change

Whatever the issue you care about, there are lots of ways to bring about change.

Use our local campaigning toolkit to:

  • gather evidence of the issue that you’re concerned about and how it’s affecting people with MS in your area
  • get loud on social media or in your local press
  • meet decision-makers face to face, or over the phone

Download our local campaigning toolkit now (PDF, 1.94 MD) 

Online local campaigning resources

We've created these online templates to make taking action easier. You can use these templates to contact decision makers and leaders in your area:

Get in touch

Our campaigns teams are here to support you, whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. They can

  • give you tools and advice to help you get started on your campaign
  • let you know if there are other campaigners in your area
  • or if progress has been made on the same issue elsewhere.

Contact our campaigns team

Action for MS events

If you’d like to find out more about what Local Action for MS is, the support, tools and resources you can access, and hear real stories from campaigners, we’d love to see you!

You can join an event for the country you live in, and meet MS Society campaigners who can support you with your campaigning. You can also ask any questions you might have.