The latest news about MS.

Title Publish date Topics
Social workers say care is being cut to shocking levels 20 Sep 2017 Care, England campaigns, Social care, Campaigns
Stop plans to delay MS drugs in Northern Ireland 19 Sep 2017 Northern Ireland campaigns, UK campaigns, Treatments and therapies, Campaigns
New report shows PIP isn’t working 14 Sep 2017 Disability benefits, PIP, Campaigns
Millions of pounds taken from people with MS under PIP 30 Aug 2017 DLA, Disability benefits, PIP, Campaigns
Cladribine: NICE looking at new treatment for MS 30 Aug 2017 Disease modifying drugs (DMDs), Treatments and therapies
Potential myelin repair treatment starts clinical trial 23 Aug 2017 Treatment research, Get involved in research
Common stomach bacteria can reduce MS symptoms in mice 10 Aug 2017 Treatment research, MS Research
Professor David Miller honoured at MS Frontiers 30 Jun 2017 MS Research
MRI scans could help predict MS progression 29 Jun 2017 MS Research
The Queen's speech: Not enough commitment to care and support for people with MS 21 Jun 2017 Social care
Book now for Jacqueline du Pré Tribute concert 15 Jun 2017 Fundraising
Coronation Street’s Johnny Connor reveals he has MS 13 Jun 2017 Living with MS
New research shows people don’t think carers are valued enough 9 Jun 2017 Young carers, Care, Families and carers
Acne treatment may slow onset of MS 2 Jun 2017 Treatment research, MS Research
Over 16,500 people demand end to disability benefit cuts 1 Jun 2017 ESA, Disability benefits, PIP, Campaigns

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