The latest news about MS.

Title Publish date Topics
The Maccabees announce intimate London show in support of the MS Society 1 Jun 2017
Next UK Government must commit: no more cuts to disability benefits 12 May 2017 DLA, Disability benefits, PIP
Multi-million pound trial to investigate if statins could become MS treatment 8 May 2017 Treatment research, Treatments and therapies, MS Research
Rise in avoidable hospital admissions for people with MS 2 May 2017 Social care, Health care
New tool to improve disability benefits test 2 May 2017 DLA, ESA, Disability benefits, PIP
Motability Scheme extended 28 Apr 2017 DLA, Practical and financial help, PIP, Disability equipment
Missed opportunities in latest PIP review 30 Mar 2017 Disability benefits, PIP
First treatment licensed for primary progressive MS in the US 29 Mar 2017 Treatments and therapies, MS Research
Molecule can help to repair myelin in mice 28 Mar 2017 MS Research
New uses for existing drugs? 28 Mar 2017 MS Research
1 in 3 people with MS going without essential care and support 21 Mar 2017 Practical and financial help, Social care
New ‘budget impact test’ could delay access to new drugs 16 Mar 2017 England campaigns, Treatments and therapies
Daclizumab: New treatment to be available for people with relapsing MS 15 Mar 2017 Relapsing Remitting (RRMS), Treatments and therapies
Immune system shown to repair myelin 13 Mar 2017 Treatment research, MS Research
Survey claims neurology services have ‘seriously deteriorated’ 13 Mar 2017 Health care

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