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Title Publish date Topics
Ocrelizumab licensed for people with early primary progressive MS in the UK 12 Jan 2018 Primary Progressive (PPMS), Treatments and therapies
NICE propose restricting future MS treatment options 20 Dec 2017 Disease modifying drugs (DMDs)
Jacqueline du Pré tribute concerts raise £1 million 19 Dec 2017 MS Research, Fundraising
New figures show thousands with MS are refused PIP 29 Nov 2017 Disability benefits, PIP
NHS funding announced in Budget but social care tragically missing 22 Nov 2017 ESA, Social care, Disability benefits, PIP, Campaigns
Younger people with MS stuck in care homes for older people 14 Nov 2017 Social care
Cladribine: new oral treatment to be available for people with relapsing MS 3 Nov 2017 Relapsing Remitting (RRMS), Treatments and therapies
Gilenya shows promise for treating children with MS 31 Oct 2017 MS Research
Positive results for clinical trial in progressive MS 26 Oct 2017 Disease modifying drugs (DMDs), Primary Progressive (PPMS), MS Research
Over £2 million to new research to stop MS 18 Oct 2017 Get involved in research, MS Research
Northern Ireland scraps plans to delay MS treatments 16 Oct 2017 Northern Ireland campaigns, UK campaigns, Treatments and therapies, Campaigns
End to ESA reassessments comes into effect 28 Sep 2017 ESA, UK campaigns
New research finds Nintendo Wii could help MS symptoms 28 Sep 2017 Exercise and physiotherapy, MS Research
Broken promises on giving people control of their care 21 Sep 2017 Care, Social care
New study to look at impact of early treatment with aggressive DMTs 21 Sep 2017 Disease modifying drugs (DMDs), Treatment research, Treatments and therapies, MS Research

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