Man with MS posting letter

Recycle used stamps

Did you know your used stamps can be turned into funds to help the MS Society?

John Dawson, until his passing in 2012, collected used stamps and sold on, donating the money raised to the MS Society. His son, Derek Dawson now continues this work.

In order to do this, Derek relies on people sending used stamps to him and he would love your help to continue to increase his fundraising work.

All you need to do is:

  • Cut out the stamp, if possible leaving a border of approximately one centimetre.
  • Send to the address below, making sure the correct postage is on the package/envelope as postal surcharges cannot be accepted.
  • If you have over 5kg of stamps to send please contact Derek directly as he can arrange collection via courier (at his expense) -

Send your used stamps to:

MS Stamps
PO BOX 698
PE29 9LN

It’s that easy! Why not get your friends and family involved too and help raise vital funds for MS research?