Researcher Veronique in her lab in Edinburgh


By investing in our work with a significant gift, you’ll be joining us on a journey to make sure everyone affected by MS can live life to the full.

You'll be helping us provide advice, quality information and guidance through our grants, local services and our MS Helpline.

Your kindness will mean we can be there for more people with MS, their families and friends.

And your support will help drive research that will transform the treatment and management of MS.

Incredible breakthroughs are on the horizon. And every gift takes us one step closer to achieving our ambition: to stop MS for good.

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After nine years with primary progressive MS, I’m more optimistic than ever that we’re closing in on a major breakthrough. I give to support the extraordinary research that will get us there sooner. Sara Weller CBE

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£5,000   could help fund 25 hours of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner use

£10,000      could help fund a cryostat machine that stores and cuts tissue samples, essential for work at the Tissue Bank

£60,000     could fund a year of work on a junior fellowship, training the researchers of tomorrow

Every penny you give us really does help us stop MS.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£2,000   a month could help fund an incubator for growing cells in the lab

£3,000   a month for a year could fund more than 100 hours of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

£4,000   every month for three years could fund a PhD student starting out their career in MS research

Your regular donation means we can keep funding world class MS research with confidence. Together we will stop MS.

Photo: an MRI scan of a brain.