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Our aim is stop MS. By donating your shares, you're helping us get there.

Thousands of people across the UK own shares they're not sure what to do with. They might have been left to you by a relative or given to you following a company privatisation or take over. Why not put them to good use by donating them to help everyone affected by MS?

Benefits of donating shares

  • You don't have to pay any capital gains tax for donated shares making it one of the most tax-effective ways to donate.
  • You can claim income tax relief equal to the value of the donated shares according to your income tax rate (40% for higher rate taxpayers and 45% for highest rate taxpayers).

To qualify for tax relief, your shares or securities must be:

  • listed or dealt on a recognised UK or foreign stock exchange
  • units in authorised unit trusts
  • shares in a UK open-ended investment company holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes.

Find out more

For more information about share giving, contact Claire O'Connor by email or on 020 8827 0312.

If you're not sure about your tax situation and would like more information, you can call the HM Revenue and Customs helpline on 084 5900 0444 or visit the HMRC website.