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Salary giving

Salary giving (or Give as You Earn, GAYE) is one of the easiest, most tax efficient ways of making a regular donation.

Knowing how much and how often you donate means we can plan ahead and make sure your hard-earned cash is put to the best possible use.

Donations made through this scheme are taken from your salary before tax. This means your donation is deducted from your gross salary, tax free.

A £10 donation to us only costs you:

  • £8 at basic rate tax (20%)
  • £6 at higher rate tax (40%)
  • £5.50 at the 45% rate

By giving from your salary each payday, you will be helping us to fund innovative research, better support and better treatments, until we can beat MS – once and for all.

Ways to set up your donation

Need to know more?

If your company is not registered for a payroll giving scheme or they require more information about setting up payroll giving, please see the HM Revenue and Customs website.

We’re also very happy to help, so please call us on 0300 500 8084 or contact us by email at [email protected].