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LLiz sits on an armchair hugging Artie the dog

My top tips for setting goals

Liz Sheils

Liz (and Artie the dog) share some top tips for setting achievable goals.

Hello, first things first – happy New Year! And secondly my name’s Liz and this is my co host Artie (the dog).

I hope you had a good time over the festive season. We had an interesting time, because this one decided to eat an entire mince pie, which led us to go to the out of hours emergency vet on the 23 December.

And then, on New Year’s Eve I had to go to the GP and was put on antibiotics. This was nothing to do with mince pies by the way…And I had to delay my intravenous medication for my MS. So we’ve had all sorts of fun times.

In this blog I’m going to share a couple of tip top tips on how to maintain any New Year’s resolutions or intentions that you’ve set.

1. Set small goals

I’d love to write a book but I’m not going to be JK Rowling any time soon. So I’ve set some small goals. Like I’d like to try and write a chapter for my book, one every month.

By setting a small goal it makes it more realistic and more achievable. And this can be more motivating rather than setting a big goal, like I’m going to publish a best selling book. That’s not really realistic and then it’s demotivating when you can’t achieve it.

2. Try and track your progress

You can do this in any way you like, whether you use a diary or you have a whiteboard. This could help you see how you’re doing with you goal, and it can help you make changes.

For example, if you set a goal that you’d like to do some more exercise and you notice that you haven’t done any, then perhaps your goal isn’t as achievable as you thought. Perhaps you need to set a smaller goal. So, I’m going to try and do ten stretches. And then you can see if you manage to achieve that.

Those are my two tip top tips, which I hope will help. And I hope that the rest of the month goes well for you.

I’ll see you again probably next month with some more tip top tips. Hopefully there won’t be any more mince pies this month...

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