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The Broons and pets in their living room - cartoon

Life wi the Broons!

Anne Brown

Let me introduce masel. For those o’ you who don’t know me, and those o’ you who’ve only heard o’ me, I’m Anne.

I’m fifty-five, I’ve a husband and two daughters who’ve each got a daughter. I’ve also got two wee dogs an’ a great big granddog.

I’ve a busy life doin various things tae dae wi’ weans, grandweans, mawinlaw and the hairy weans.

I volunteer for the MS Society in a few different roles, Oh! an’ by the way, I huv MS.

I say “by the way” but that disny mean that it’s a tiny part o’ my life, or an afterthought. It hugely affects me and ma family, but it disny define who I am as a person. The ither stuff defines me, ma family, ma hobbies, ma interests. They define who I am, and mostly they were there before the MS.

The MS is something I, and ma family, live wi’ and deal wi’ as best as we can.

Anyway, let me get aff ma soapbox. I’m gonny be sharing a bit o’ ma MS journey wi’ you, and I hope you enjoy spending it wi’ me.

Illustration by our lovely volunteer, Elfreda Crehan.