How we work

Several themes run through all our work: guiding what we do, how we work and the decisions we make.

We work alongside people affected by MS

People affected by MS are, and will continue to be, at the heart of our decisions and our work.

We work with other organisations

We know we can’t achieve everything by ourselves. Working alongside others will be crucial to achieve our goals.

We focus on areas where we can have the greatest impact

Our resources are finite. We must ensure we use our resources in the best and most effective way, which means prioritising what we do.

We understand what we want to achieve

Being clear about what we want to achieve, and the progress we’re making, is fundamental to our success.

We reach out to everyone affected by MS

We exist to support everyone affected by MS. We actively work to reach and engage with all individuals and communities affected by MS, from all walks of life.

We tailor our approach

We work internationally, across the UK, regionally and locally to beat MS, always adapting our approach to the context and working towards shared goals.

Help us beat MS

We can only achieve our goals with your support. Find out how you can get involved.

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