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Our commitment to equality

Events over the last eighteen months have affected many of us deeply. The global pandemic and conversations around systemic racism led us to reflect on our practices at the MS Society.

We have made small steps in recent years to embed diversity and inclusion in our work, but we know we’re still falling short. We’re committed to doing more.

  • Over the last year we’ve worked hard to reach people from across the organisation and our MS community and hear views on what it would take to change. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and opinions through focus groups, interviews, surveys and more

  • From insight and feedback, we’ve established a new strategy that puts diversity and inclusion front and centre of all that we do

  • We want to reach as many people as possible and for everyone to feel they can be themselves when they work or volunteer with us. We plan to reduce inequality and increase engagement by working with parts of our community we know we need to engage with better. We’ll build a more inclusive culture, ensuring our employees and volunteers are representative of those we seek to support and embrace diversity in all ways

  • We’ve got lots to do to make this work. We need to focus on building trust, listening to and learning from others, and adapting and reacting to what we are seeing and hearing. We will use research and data to further our understanding and check on how we are progressing. Most importantly, we must give this work the resource and support it needs

  • Our plan is that, one day, we won’t need a strategy to help us with inclusion – it'll just be part of everything we do

Help us deliver our strategy

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