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A co-production group working together at a table

Working together to find the best solutions for people with MS

We work together with people with MS to understand challenges and come up with solutions.

On this page you can find out more about co-production and how to get involved.

What is co-production?

People with MS and their loved ones are experts in their condition. That's why we need to work together to find solutions to the challenges people living with MS face. Because it’s only by involving the MS community in the planning, development and delivery of a project that we can be sure the end result will meet their needs.

When people living with MS are fully involved in every stage of a project, we call this co-production.

Co-production sees members of staff and volunteers living with MS as equals. Recognising we all have different, but equally valuable, skills to bring to the table.

Getting started

Work for the MS Society and have a project in mind? 

Find out how to work with the MS community on your project. You can also download our co-production toolkit - it's full of tips, templates and exercises for working with the MS community.

Do you live with MS and want to get involved in co-production?

Join our Expert by Experience network and use your skills and experience to help shape services for people like you.

Download the co-production toolkit

Why is co-production important?

1. It gets the best results for people with MS

"Co-production is about giving power to people living with MS. Instead of staff coming up with solutions to problems on their own, we say ‘We’re going to work this out together, as a community.’ In my experience, when you share that power, it strengthens the project. If you embrace co-production, you’ll find the experience of working on a project, and the eventual outcome, is so much better.” 

Ed Holloway, Director of Services and Support

2. It gives our community a voice

“We’ve learnt so much from everything we’ve been through. And it’s great to have an opportunity to contribute, to use what we’ve learnt to help other people with MS.” 

Sarah, wife of Karine, who has MS

3. It’s at the heart of our values

Recognising that people with MS are experts in their condition and working together with them are at the heart of our values. Co-production is the best way for us to achieve our bold and ambitious plans to transform the lives of people with MS.