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Shape how we work

All our activities and services are coproduced with volunteers and people affected by MS.
We involve people who deliver and benefit from our services in every level of our decision making – in advisory, consultation, decision and insight groups. It’s how we make sure we understand and deliver what our community needs as effectively as we can.
How can you know what I need if you don’t ask me? Caroline, living with MS, one of our experts by experience

Ways to shape how we work

Be a trustee

As our Trustee, your role will be critical in shaping our strategic direction and sticking to our constitution and the law. You’ll be able to build on your leadership, strategic thinking, communication and decision making skills and experience. Most importantly you’ll contribute to our strategic development, helping us support the whole MS community.
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Be on our national councils

Our National Council Members support us to deliver our strategy in each nation. You’ll represent the views of our members and people affected by MS from your area. And you’ll help make sure we’re delivering the services and support they need. 
Join one of our national councils

Join a decision panel

As our Decision Panel Member you’ll help represent everyone affected by MS in our work, so we can meet their needs. You’ll use your own experience of MS to help plan and design questionnaires or analyse results and evidence data. You'll develop your research and planning, skills to help influence how we deliver services and activities for our Community.
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Be an advisory panel member

As our Advisory Panel Member you’ll  use your own experiences to contribute to meetings (in person, on the phone or through video conferencing), get involved with research or share your views in focus groups. You’ll develop your research, communication, management and team working skills to help make decisions that benefit everyone with MS.
Join an advisory council

Be an insight volunteer

As our Insight Volunteer you’ll help develop new resources by sharing your own opinions and experiences.

You’ll review and provide feedback about our publications, research reports and information on our website. You’ll be able to develop your proof reading, communication and analysis skills.

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Be an influencing volunteer

Our Influencing Volunteers help bring more people to work with us and raise awareness of MS. You’ll represent people with MS, engage with and influence decision makers, and make sure our community’s voice is heard. You’ll develop your networking and influencing skills to inspire new people to help stop MS.

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From support groups to information events, there's lots of ways to connect with people who understand what life's like with MS.

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