How to volunteer for people with MS

No one should have to face MS alone. Could you volunteer with our MS Helpline, online forum or your local group to be there for people affected by MS?

Our volunteers help with all sorts of things, from providing emotional support and helping people access services, to organising local support groups and running our helpline.

Could you volunteer some time to be there for someone, online, face to face, or over the phone?

Ways to volunteer for people with MS

We have over 200 local groups that serve the MS Community across the UK. As well as our National Helpline service, which provides incredible support to everyone who needs a listening ear or help finding information.

We also have our online forum where we engage with people who need our assistance via a virtual channel.

All of these services rely on our amazing volunteers. People just like you who want to improve the lives of people affected by MS.

Remote volunteering

Some of our volunteering roles require a physical presence but there are a number of roles which can be undertaken from the comfort of your home. For example, Helpline Volunteer or Campaigner Volunteer.

Have a look at our volunteer vacancy page to search for roles which may suit your motivations, interests, skills, and availability.

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