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Health Open Research

We’re a founding partner of Health Open Research - an open access, transparent platform for rapid publication of any research output in an author-led manner.

We’re committed to open access to the results of the research we fund. By making research outputs (both positive and negative!) accessible, research can advance faster, taking us closer to stopping MS.

What is Health Open Research?

Health Open Research is an open access publishing platform. It's designed to give researchers increased control over the publishing process. And to provide an accessible home for all research outputs.

Through this platform, you can publish any aspect of your work. This includes original research articles, methods, systematic reviews, software tools, case reports and case series, study protocols, datasets, posters and research notes.

We don’t expect you to always choose this publication platform. But we hope this option removes some of the barriers you face when attempting to publish your work in traditional journals.

Submission of confirmatory, replicative and negative data is also welcomed, providing a platform to rapidly share research outputs without editorial bias on perceived impact.

Why choose Health Open Research?

  • Low cost: article processing costs are low compared to other hybrid or open access journals (less than £920, depending on the type of article submitted).
  • Rapid publication: original articles can be published within a week of submission, with other research outputs published within days.
  • Inclusive: no editorial decisions are made based on the topic or perceived impact of the work, encouraging the sharing of confirmatory, replicative and negative results.
  • Transparent: open, invited peer review by experts follows publication. All comments, responses and revisions are published alongside the article so that they are fully visible, building trust and confidence in the quality of the published work.
  • Reproducible: source data is published alongside articles enabling reanalysis, replication and reuse. This improves research reproducibility and accelerates scientific progress.
  • Open: all published content is freely available to everyone – researchers, supporters, people with MS, other charities and businesses – maximising the impact of your research.

How does Health Open Research work?

For articles:

  • Articles are submitted via a single page system. The in-house editorial team carries out a comprehensive set of prepublication checks to ensure that all policies and ethical guidelines are adhered to.
  • Once you've finalised your manuscript, it's published within a week, enabling immediate viewing and citation.
  • Expert reviewers are selected and invited after publication. Their reports and names are published alongside the article, together with your responses and comments from registered users.
  • You're encouraged to publish revised versions of the article following reviewers’ feedback. All versions of an article are linked and independently citable.

Posters, slides and documents:

  • Posters, slides and documents are also submitted through a single-page submission system with no author fees. Publication of these items is rapid, if not immediate, and fully open access. Posters, slides and documents receive a DOI (digital object identifier) and are citable after they have been checked by the Health Open Research editorial team.

To submit your research and to find out more visit Health Open Research

Visit our Health Open Research Gateway to browse our funded research