Research Strategy Committee

Our Research Strategy Committee (RSC) is made up of researchers, health care professionals and people living with MS.

They advise us on the development and implementation of our research strategy.

The committee also reviews our research priorities for MS. And they review our research programme, including how we decide what to fund.

What is the role of the RSC?

The RSC meets three times a year and:

  • oversees, guides and monitors the development and implementation of our research strategy.
  • reviews our research priorities on an annual basis and advises how these can best be incorporated into our funding decisions.
  • advises how we can commission research to support our strategy and priorities.
  • advises and assists us to influence other research funders to support our strategy.
  • provides recommendations on funding for strategically important collaborative projects.

Because of these responsibilities, the RSC is independent of our research applicants and grant holders. Members are not allowed to apply to us for research funding as Principal Investigator during their tenure.


Members of the UK and international professional MS research community and members of the MS Society Research Network are welcome to sit on the RSC. It always includes at least two people affected by MS from our Research Network. All our members are appointed for a term of three years, for a maximum of two terms.

Open recruitment call for new RSC members

We're recruiting new RSC members with the following expertise:

  • Allied healthcare professionals
  • Social sciences or psychology
  • Fundamental biological sciences
  • Immunology
  • Data science
  • Service implementation

We recruit people affected by MS as experts by experience through our Research Network. We advertise opportunities through a monthly newsletter. You can join the Research Network if you're interested in this or shaping other aspects of our research programme.

You don’t need to work in an MS-related field. We’re looking for researchers from different research backgrounds to bring diverse perspectives to the RSC.

You can download the 'RSC person specification' document (PDF, 128 kB) for more information about the role. This can also be downloaded from the Sidebar.


How do I apply?

You should send your CV and a cover letter for the attention of Emma Gray, Assistant Director of Research to [email protected].

We particularly welcome applications from people from underrepresented groups. We’re committed to building a stronger and more representative MS research workforce. And are striving to ensure our committees reflect this.

Your application should be submitted by Wednesday 18 January 2023.

We’ll shortlist applicants depending on how well they meeting the skills outlined above. We’ll contact you by Wednesday 1 February 2023 to let you know the outcome of your application.

We hope that successful applicants will be in post and available to attend our next meeting in March 2023. 


  • Nigel Leigh, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  • Sasha Leigh, Research Network representative

Committee members

  • Rachel Allen, St George's University of London
  • Olga Ciccarelli, UCL
  • Gabriele De Luca, University of Oxford
  • Denise Fitzgerald, Queen's University Belfast
  • Charlotte Spicer, Research Network representative
  • Shewly Choudhury, MS Society Trustee

The RSC was created in 2010 to help us implement recommendations around the management of our research programme. And to ensure our research programme remains aligned to our research strategy.

The RSC continues to look at the strategic picture and provide advice on broad areas of research. The RSC also sets priorities and reviews the larger, ongoing research programmes.

Our current research strategy will run from 2018 to 2022.