Early career researcher hub

We're committed to supporting early career researchers (ECRs) throughout their careers in MS research. The ECR hub is a collection of resources and opportunities for ECRs. And home to our ECR Network.

What is the ECR Network?

We’ve launching the ECR Network to maximise the support we offer ECRs to help you succeed throughout your career in MS research. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or working on an independent fellowship, we’re here to help.

The network offers a program of career development training and resources, alongside ECR funding support and platforms to boost networking and mentorship. You can click the 'Join the ECR Network' button below or in the sidebar to join us. If you have any questions, you can also email us at [email protected].

Join the ECR Network

The ECR Network aims to:

  • Form a virtual community of ECRs working in MS research to boost peer-to-peer networking and support
  • Offer a program of support for ECRs to help you realise your full potential at each stage of your career, from embarking on your first MS research opportunity to establishing independence
  • Provide a platform to promote networking and collaboration between ECRs and more established researchers across the spectrum of MS research
  • Enable a dialogue between us and the ECR community to improve our funding offer and co-produce training and support resources
  • Raise awareness of the career support we offer to ECRs (including funding and non-funding support)
  • Improve engagement between ECRs and the wider MS community, including people affected by MS