Care and support on holiday

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Short breaks aren't impossible when you have care and support needs. But they can take a bit longer to plan, especially if you want to spend some time away from home.

Use these links and tips to make the most of your short break:

Taking a break at home

You can arrange care and support for breaks at home through care agencies. Paid carers come into your home to take over caring responsibilities for a while, giving the main carer a break. Find them online:

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Taking a break away from home, in the UK or abroad

There are many different ways to take a quality break away from home with caring support. Here's some ideas:

Take a paid carer or personal assistant with you

Some care and nursing agencies provide holiday respite care services, and can arrange for care to be provided where you're staying. Alternatively, taking a personal assistant could be an option.

Stay at an accessible hotel or holiday centre that offers respite care packages

Use a specialist travel agency

Some specialist travel agencies can help arrange accessible holidays with care. Some just cover the UK, others cover overseas as well. Try Disabled Access Holidays, Access Travel, Altogether Travel and Disabled Holiday Directory.

Stay at a care or nursing home

The benefit of staying in a care or nursing home is that they're always accessible and have specialist equipment and staff on hand. To find care and nursing homes in the UK, search on

Some people with MS use care homes as a convenient base to explore an area or visit family and friends. Some have even used this option abroad. Try contacting the national MS organisation in the country you want to visit and see if they can suggest some local options.

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