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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS.

MS is different for everyone - read real stories and tips from people who know.

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MS Create: playing the piano

Hello there, my name is Hannah and I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in December 2014. Recently I’ve got back into a hobby that I’ve learnt to love again: playing the piano.

I’ve always been able to play the piano from an early age. My aunt is a music teacher and she has taught me over the years.

MS and creativity: finding my motivation

I was diagnosed with MS two and a half years ago, aged 26. I struggled to deal with my diagnosis and felt very angry with the world. Recently though I’ve turned a corner and become more accepting of it.

MS Create: “I’ve gone from being in a dark place to a world filled with colour”

Lucie Wake tells us how her passion for art helped her bounce back from an MS relapse.

When I tell my MS story, I like to focus on the positives.

I’ve always been described as a colourful character. Having a creative outlet is important to me. After school, I did an art degree and got a BA in ceramics. Colour was central to my work.

HSCT insights: dealing with isolation

Man watching TV

What’s it like having HSCT? Three people who’ve had the treatment share their experiences.

People having HSCT typically spend about a month in isolation following chemotherapy. This is to keep them safe while their immune system rebuilds.

In this blog, we look at what helped them cope with being apart from friends and family.

My tips for having an MRI scan


I was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and MRI scans have become routine. They helped with my diagnosis, and since then I’ve had two more (two brain and two spinal).

School’s out: tips for summer fun from an MS mummy

Joanne Chapman lives with MS – and a toddler. These are her tips for enjoying the summer holidays with your little ones

How I became a para athlete

Amar-Mazigh Aichoun was diagnosed with MS at 13. Now he's a para athlete. He tells us about racing, his training and how MS affects him.

MS in the family: we're siblings with MS


Brother and sister Rodney and Grace both have MS. They live a few minutes apart in Belfast. They told us what it’s like to be siblings with MS.

Grace, 56, was diagnosed with MS in 1997. She’d been living with MS for eight years when Rodney, now 43, was also diagnosed.

Understanding what it means to be an LGBT person with MS

Periklis is a PhD candidate in psychology exploring the experience of LGBT people living with MS. Read on to find out how he’s raising awareness of MS and making a difference for LGBT communities.

Coronation Street’s Johnny: 5 things I’ve learnt about MS

Actor Richard Hawley tells us what he learnt before his Coronation Street character, Johnny Connor, was diagnosed.

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