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MS doesn’t make you any less sexy

“You have MS, and you’re going to have the most amazing sex EVER!”

That was the message that flashed on my screen only a few days after I was diagnosed. It was from my best friend, sent after she finished watching a documentary about the love and sex lives of the UK’s disabled population, and it featured a woman with the same illness as me.

How counselling skills and mindfulness helped after my MS diagnosis


Remembering the world is a beautiful place may sound like a cliché – but I also think it’s something we don’t do often enough. How often do we really notice what’s around us, the colour of the pavement we’re walking on or the sounds as we cross the road?

4 tips for autumn half term family fun

Autumn leaves

Looking for autumn half term activities to do with your children? Read on! Four mums and dads living with MS share some great ideas for indoor and outdoor fun.

MS Active Together: how I got back in the saddle

Rachael on a cycling trip

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved to cycle. I remember getting my first ‘grown up’ bike when I was 10 for Christmas. I loved that green bike!

When I graduated from university, I bought myself a road bike and did some bike touring on Orkney and in Sutherland. Cycling was something I loved to do.

Visiting the Rwandan mountain gorillas – in my wheelchair!

A baby gorilla investigates Susie's wheelchair

When MS started to affect her mobility, Susie thought she’d have to give up travelling. Then other wheelchair users showed her what was possible…

I love to travel. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. But when MS started to affect my mobility, I doubted that I’d ever be able to do it.

Me and my MS Nurse: Karen and Julie

Karen who lives with MS, at an appointment with her MS nurse, Julie

Keeping on top of your MS treatment can be challenging. But for many, an MS nurse makes all the difference. Find out why Karen thinks of Julie, her MS nurse, as a ‘safety net’.

Top tips for travelling with a wheelchair

I love travelling. Before I was in a wheelchair, I’d visited 70 countries. Now things are more challenging and require more preparation. But I’ve visited nearly 20 countries in my wheelchair.

My name is Susie Twydell. I’m 39 and I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. I’ve been a full-time wheelchair user for four years.

"My dogs allow me to take things at my own pace."


Since her MS diagnosis Morag has found her four-legged friends to be a constant source of support.

I’m 67 years old and proud mum, mum-in-law, and granny to three fabulous kids whose lives I’ve been lucky enough to share to the full.

Skool runnings: MS and being mum to a teenager

Teenage boy with his head in a book

MS hit our little family of two when The Teenager had just started high school.

MS Create: designs from MRI scans

Designer Kirsty Stevens has made a career out of her creativity – and her business was inspired by her MS.

I work full time at my surface pattern design label, Charcot. Using the visible lesion shapes from my own MRI scans, I’ve turned a negative into a positive by using these shapes in designs for things like silk scarves and screen prints.

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