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World Continence Week: getting help for my wee problem


Bladder problems are common in MS. Karine shares her experience and how she got help.

One of the latest developments in my MS journey is not being able to empty my bladder properly (urine retention). We Brits find it difficult to talk openly about such matters, so I thought I would share my story to help other people feel at ease.

#MyMSStory: My MS-iversary

Last month, it was my anniversary. It’s been 16 years since I was diagnosed with MS. It’s hardly an occasion to celebrate, but at this time of the year, I do find myself reflecting on how things have changed since then.

Hot tips for keeping cool in the heat

Dust off your sandals and crack out the ice lollies – summer has finally arrived in the UK. While the hot weather can brighten up our days, it can also make it harder to manage MS.

So we got our MS community on the case. We asked you how you stay cool during the heat wave. Here’s what you said:

Young carer Thomas looks after his mum

Photo shows young carer Thomas looking to camera at the MS Society Awards 2017

Thomas has been helping his mum since he was six. We recognised his amazing achievements as a young carer at the MS Awards this year.

This is his story.

A visit from the MS Nurse

I realised my mum had MS when I was about nine years old.

“Like Coronation Street’s Johnny, people have put my MS symptoms down to being drunk.”


Bruce Barrett was diagnosed with MS aged 31. He hopes the new storyline in Coronation Street, which sees Johnny Connor diagnosed with the condition, will help people understand MS.

When I first saw Johnny stumble and have various difficulties I said to my wife Amy: “he’s got MS”.

Equine assisted therapy: "The best therapy I know..."

We don’t make eye contact at first. I approach the horse slowly, lifting my arm and laying my hand gently on his neck. Despite his size, I’m not scared. He sniffs me, checking to see if I’m friend or foe. His name is Thunder – half a tonne of muscle and horsepower. And he’s also my therapist.

Kiss Goodbye to MS: the soundtrack

Oh, the joy of a mixtape. That secret weapon in every teenager's romantic armoury. Evenings spent carefully creating soundtracks to indicate to the object of your affection just how thoughtful, funny and cool you are.

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in Dawn's accessible country garden?

More and more evidence is building about the value of gardening for people with MS, and now summer’s arrived it’s a good chance to spend time doing just that. We spoke to Dawn to find about more about her special garden and how it helps her manage her MS.

Kiss Goodbye to MS: a conversation with MS

MS: *brightly* Hiiiiiya.

Me: *reading* Oh, hi.

MS: *looks smug, puffs chest out* Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiya.

Me: *reluctantly putting down book* You looked pleased with yourself.

MS: Yes, you won't believe what they're saying about me!

Me: That you're a brain-scrambling, attention-seeking diva?

The wedding crasher: MS and planning our big day

Last summer my fiancé James made me the happiest girl in the world when he asked me to marry him. We were on holiday in Berlin and it was a very romantic proposal under the Brandenburg Gate!

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