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Stop MS Pioneers

We know what everyone with MS wants - no relapses, no build up of disability and no uncertainty. And we know science can take us there.

MS affects more than 130,000 of us in the UK. It’s often painful and exhausting and can cause problems with how we walk, move, see, think and feel. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our Stop MS Appeal aims to raise £100 million for research to help everyone with MS.

Find out how you can help make research history, email [email protected] or call us on 020 8438 0773.

Incredible breakthroughs are on the horizon

To unlock them, our research programme will concentrate on three areas to Stop MS:

  1. Slowing and stopping progression: we're researching advanced techniques that repair myelin and protect nerve cells.
  2. Prevention: we'll understand more about what causes MS and the factors that influence your chance of developing it.
  3. Managing symptoms: we'll develop more support and treatments for symptoms like pain and fatigue.

This is where our Stop MS Pioneers come in.

a photo of Sir David Bell
This research could transform the quality of life of the 2.3 million people across the world affected by MS. With your help we can make medical history. Together we can stop MS.
Sir David Bell, Stop MS Pioneer Chairman

Stop MS Pioneers transform lives

Join a group of companies, charitable trusts and philanthropists who make our pioneering research programme possible. You can help underpin our stop MS research programme by supporting:

  • talented young MS researchers through their PHD studentships so they can work on the breakthroughs our community urgently needs
  • our world-leading MS Tissue Bank: Supplying samples for MS research globally
  • the MS Register: Revolutionising our understanding of MS
  • the UK MS Clinical Trials Network: Our unique network of leading researchers
  • our Research Programme Team: Leading on developing our world-class Stop MS research programme.