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Business benefits

Corporate partnerships make an amazing contribution to our work. They also offer fantastic benefits to the companies we team up with.

As well as increasing employee loyalty and morale, encouraging team-building and leadership skills and helping generate awareness of your brand, we offer:

  • the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people affected by MS in your local area
  • a quarterly e-newsletter to you and your employees, offering publicity and ideas for fundraising
  • an exciting range of fundraising events for your employees to choose from, including sky-diving, runs, cycles and other activities to get your blood pumping
  • an excuse to get dressed up for our big fundraising moments, like Kiss Goodbye to MS
  • the chance to guest blog for us
  • an alibi to have cake at every tea break
  • someone from your local community to talk to your employees about living with MS
  • local press opportunities
  • a chance to boost sales and build your reputation as a socially responsible company