Instructor going through exercises for MS with two people with multiple sclerosis

Simple exercises for MS

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can make it hard to exercise. So we've worked with personal trainer Dom to create a range of exercises for people with MS. These workouts are designed for different levels of mobility.

To get started, decide which of the descriptions sounds most like you and follow the links to watch our workout playlists. Your journey to moving more with MS is just around the corner.

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How can exercise help with MS symptoms?

Research tells us exercise can help you manage multiple sclerosis symptoms, including fatigue, and problems with balance and walking. Exercising can also:

  • improve your mood
  • improve your overall health when your MS is mild
  • help you to stay as mobile and active as possible when your MS is more severe
  • decrease the risk of heart disease.

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I use a wheelchair

Watch Dom's tailored playlist to start strengthening your arms and shoulders to reduce stiffness. Take things at your own pace and take a break if you need to. There are audio described versions of these videos.

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I have trouble walking

This series of videos covers both seated and standing exercises to help your balance and stability. We've thrown in some mat work to boost your core too. There are audio described versions of these videos.

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My symptoms don't affect my mobility

If your MS doesn't affect your walking then this is the playlist for you. These videos cover cardio and core, as well as lower and upper body exercises. There are audio described versions of these videos.

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