Image shows people at an MS exercise class sitting on exercise balls

Staying active

However MS affects you, exercise will help you stay as healthy as possible. It can also improve your mood and some MS symptoms.

All kinds of movement can be good for you. You might enjoy sports, while someone else may prefer Tai Chi or yoga. Gentler activities like gardening and cleaning use your muscles too.

The important thing is to find exercises to suit you.

Exercise to suit you

We know that sometimes, MS symptoms can make it hard to be active. So we've created a range of workouts designed to suit different levels of mobility. There is an audio described version of this video.

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Exercise, MS and you

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Image shows personal trainer Dom Thorpe with two of his clients who have MS.

Simple workout videos

We've worked with Dom - a personal trainer who specialises in working with people with disabilities. His mum had MS, so he gets it.
Try workouts designed with you in mind
Photo shows Pilates instructor Beth, and Alvina who's living with MS, practicing Pilates at home

Pilates and MS

Pilates instructors Beth Svarovska and Ruth Reid and their clients Alvina and Simon have created a series Pilates and MS videos. They're suitable for all levels of mobility.
Try Pilates for MS
Photo shows MS Society physiotherapist Rachel standing in her studio.

Exercises for symptoms

Physiotherapist Rachel helped us develop exercises for specific MS symptoms. They're simple and designed to fit into your daily life.
Watch videos for MS symptoms
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Find support near you

From support groups to information events, there's lots of ways to connect with people who understand what life's like with MS.

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