Photo: Woman with MS doing physiotherapy with her physiotherapist

Treating spasms and stiffness

Even if you feel your spasms or stiffness are not major problems for you, it is a good idea to make your doctor or MS nurse aware of the issue so that you can find appropriate ways to manage it and avoid complications later on.

The effects of spasms and stiffness vary widely, so treatment needs to be tailored to your own needs and abilities.

Health care professionals will assess your spasms or stiffness, taking into account the nature of your symptoms, possible trigger factors that make them worse and – very importantly – the impact they have on your daily life.

Exercises to help with muscle spasms

We've worked with physiotherapist Ruth to create a series of simple exercises for muscle spasms. You can do the exercises at home without any special equipment. There is an audio described version of this video.

Watch our film to find out how the exercises helped Sylvia and how they could help you, too.

Treatment options

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