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Our impact - making a difference together

Our community is here for everyone living with MS – to provide practical help today, and hope for a cure tomorrow.

We play a leading role in research and we fight for better treatment and care. Our resources are precious. So we use them where we can make the most impact for everyone with MS.

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If I hadn't taken action and started treatment, I don’t know where I’d be now. I can’t even express how effective it's been. Tash has relapsing MS
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We have the genuine potential to stop MS in its tracks through our work. Dr Sorrel Bickley, our Head of Biomedical Research 
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“The most important message is that everything we do helps, no matter how small it feels. When thousands of people 'just add their signature' suddenly the politicians listen. Shana is a campaigner with relapsing MS
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Help at the end of the phone

Our MS Helpline responded to over 18,000 enquiries last year, the most we've ever responded to in a single year.

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Support and friendship

Over 270 volunteer-led groups provided support, friendship and services to more than 13,000 people across the UK.

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Make a donation

Every penny takes us a step closer to stopping MS.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£10could help us support someone calling our MS Helpline

£20could pay for one hour of research to help us understand and manage MS fatigue

£30could help run the MS Forum, giving over 27,000 people a place to come together as a community

Every penny you give us really does help us stop MS.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£10a month could help stock our research labs with essential supplies

£20a month for a year could help fund a short break for someone with MS

£30a month could help train an MS Helpline volunteer to support hundreds of people with MS

Your regular donation means we can keep funding world class MS research with confidence. Together we will stop MS.

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