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Stop plans to delay MS drugs in Northern Ireland

Plans are afoot to delay access to MS treatments in Northern Ireland. We need you #SpeakUpForMS to stop them.

The main prescribing centre in Northern Ireland, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, has put forward plans to delay access to Disease Modifying Therapies for new patients with MS. Although we understand the financial pressure they must be under, delaying access to treatments is not a solution.

These plans are not yet approved so could still be stopped. If we stand together we can make a difference.

Will I be affected?

This decision could affect people living with MS in Northern Ireland. It isn’t currently happening across the UK, but we’re concerned about any move to limit access to treatments for MS.

Everyone with MS needs access to the right treatments at the right time to manage their condition, slow progression and improve quality of life.

What could this mean in practice?

We asked Siobhan, who lives in Northern Ireland and has relapsing MS. Recently she changed her MS treatment and had to wait to get access to her new one.

She explains, “If I had received news like this proposal and faced another 6 months wait I would have been utterly devastated and fearful that I would keep relapsing during the wait for my treatment.

“Six months down the line, more relapses could have worsened my condition. I could have faced greater mobility issues. That is the risk in delaying treatment. My wait for treatment was bad enough, to intentionally defer treatment and further push up waiting times is awful. Early treatment is so important when it comes to MS.”

Let's speak up for MS

Access to treatments should be fair and equal wherever you live in the UK. We need to come together across the UK to take action and make our voices heard.

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