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The Neurological Alliance calls for stronger leadership

We’ve joined over 30 other organisations to call for stronger national leadership in neurology in England

As part of the Neurological Alliance, we’ve signed an urgent letter to the National Medical Director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Powis.

The letter – signed by over 30 other organisations supporting people with neurological conditions – calls for the appointment of a National Clinical Director for neurology.

People living with MS are being failed

We’re calling for stronger leadership across neurology as part of our Neurology Now campaign. A National Clinical Director could give advice and expertise across a range of neurological conditions, and bring greater clinical leadership to efforts to improve neurology care. There’s a big opportunity to do this at the moment, while the NHS in England undergoes major changes.

Lots of people across the UK aren’t able to access the care and treatment they need or at the right time. Neurology services were neglected long before the pandemic and many people with MS weren’t getting the vital support they needed – now the situation is critical.

It's time for vital change

Our Executive Director of Research and External Affairs, Dr Sarah Rawlings, said: “Despite 1 in 6 people in the UK living with a neurological condition, neurology services are stretched, underfunded and overlooked. That's why the MS Society is proud to add our name to the campaign for a National Clinical Director for Neurology in England.

"Our Neurology Now campaign clearly shows the negative impact the pandemic and lack of prioritisation of neurology services has had on people with MS. Without strong clinical leadership, working together with patients, we will not see the improvements we desperately need. The appointment of National Clinical Director for Neurology would be a clear indication that people with MS have not been forgotten once again.”

We’ll keep you updated on our work on improving MS and neurology services in the UK – keep an eye on our Neurology Now campaign for more details.

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