Veroinque working in the lab with a pipette

Securing the next generation of MS researchers

We’ve joined forces with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to bring the brightest minds into MS research.

A first for research fellowships

This is the first time the NIHR is funding research fellowships in partnership with selected medical charities, including the MS Society.

Our Advanced Fellowships will support scientists who have completed their PhD, giving them time to develop their own research programmes in MS. Having the time and resources to do this can be vital for researchers to establish a career in MS research and develop their own ideas.

This is different to many research early career posts at universities and hospitals, which can involve lots of teaching and clinical responsibilities and leave little time for new science.

Supporting the next generation of MS researches

Dr Susan Kohlhaas, our Director of Research, said: “We’re delighted that NIHR has chosen to partner with us for its prestigious fellowships. The MS Society is driving research into more – and better – treatments for everybody, and supporting the next generation of MS researchers will help us stop MS faster.

Our funding will also give them opportunities to receive specialist training and develop professional networks. We will also encourage them to work with the MS community and learn from our research network. The aim of the partnership is to increase the number of future research leaders in MS science.

Apply today

We encourage any young researchers looking to establish a career in MS science to apply today. You can find out more about the on the NIHR website.