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New Italian research on coronavirus and MS

Researchers in Italy have published results showing mild symptoms in 223 out of 232 (96%) of people with MS who had suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

57 of the 232 people with suspected COVID-19 had it confirmed with a test. Within the 57 people with confirmed COVID-19:

  • 4 people (2% of everyone in the study) had severe symptoms
  • 6 people were critical (3% of everyone in the study). Of the 6 critical patients, 1 person recovered and 5 died.

The results are very early but suggest current disease modifying therapy (DMT) and shielding advice for people with MS is correct.

Read our guidance on COVID-19 and DMTs

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We need you to add to the data we're collecting to understand the impact of coronavirus on people with MS in the UK.

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A global MS research effort to understand COVID-19

Many MS organisations across the world are also gathering data on how people with MS are affected by the outbreak.

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) is backing a global data sharing initiative to bring this information together. Together we can build a better picture of how the pandemic is affecting the MS community around the world.

You can help by taking the MS Register survey today.

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The Italian study group on COVID-19 in MS paper

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