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Can existing drugs reduce heat sensitivity in MS?

photo of Mark Baker
Lead researcher:
Dr Mark Baker
Based at:
Queen Mary, University of London
MS Society funding:

Many people with MS find their symptoms get worse in the heat.

Heat sensitivity can have a huge impact on day to day activities, and right now we don’t have a treatment that can help to manage it.

What happens in the project?

We know changes in temperature can affect the way our nerves function, and make it more difficult from them to send messages. And Mark and his team have uncovered a potential mechanism for these changes.

They now want to test if two existing drugs, amiloride and bumetanide, can alter the temperature sensitivity of nerves in rodents.

How will it help people with MS?

We’re learning more about the biology behind heat sensitivity, bringing us closer to developing effective treatments to manage this symptom.e

The difference you can make

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