Emerging areas of research

MS Research is moving at a rapid pace. On this page you can read about some of the most active areas of research and factors that might play a role in causing or helping to treat MS, and the latest results and clinical trials being carried out around the world.

Progressive MS

Find out more about the latest research into progression and our international collaboration, the Progressive MS Alliance.

Stem cells

Stem cell therapies are being investigated for their effect on the immune system in people with MS. Find out what they are and what researchers understand about the potential risks and benefits of using these cells.


Researchers have identified a number of genetic factors that may be linked to the risk of developing MS. Here you can read more about what genes are, and how researchers are using genetics to understand MS.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been an important area of MS research for many years. Here we outline the current evidence and research about this topic.

Myelin repair

There are currently no treatments available to repair damaged myelin and scientists are working hard to change this. There have been some huge breakthroughs in myelin research in recent years.


Research has highlighted the potential of protecting nerve cells from damage as a strategy to slow or stop the progression of MS.

Other areas of research

A number of other topics have been investigated for their link to MS in the past. Find out more about some of these research areas here.

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