Emerging areas of research

There's never been a more exciting time in MS research. On this page you can read the latest research into some of the most active areas of research.

For the latest clinical trials results for MS, visit our treatments in the pipeline page.

Progressive MS

Find out more about the latest research into progression and our international collaboration, the Progressive MS Alliance.

Stem cells

Stem cells are a hugely exciting area of research. As well as being a key research tool, they’re also being developed as treatments for MS, like HSCT and mesenchymal stem cell therapy.


We know that genes play a role in MS. Researchers are using this information to learn more about MS risk in families, and to help develop new treatments.

Vitamin D

We're learning a lot about the role that vitamin D plays in MS, but we still don’t know if taking vitamin D supplements could help to manage MS. Find out what we're doing to change this.

Myelin repair

To stop MS we need to find treatments that repair the damage to the protective myelin coating around nerves. Read the latest myelin repair research, including the treatments being tested in clinical trials.


If we can find drugs that can protect nerves from damage then we have the potential to stop MS getting worse, and even reverse disability for some people.

Other areas of research

A number of other topics have been investigated for their link to MS in the past. Find out more about some of these research areas here.

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